The Banner Saga gets a board game

The Banner Saga gets a board game

Stoic, the team that brought you the highly acclaimed turn-based strategy game The Banner Saga, plans to follow the success of their initial Kickstarter with a new campaign – only this time their plan is to raise capital and interest for The Banner Saga: Warbands – a board game.

Not much is known about this exciting new project. We know it is a miniatures board game, we know it’s being developed by MegaCon Games (a small, Indiana-based board game company), and we know it’s being published by Versus Evil, a company who prides themselves on bringing AAA quality distribution to independently designed games. Sounds like a perfect match.

A website has been setup to keen fans informed of the game’s development – but for now it offers little more than a news subscription form, a logo and assurance that the game will be Kickstarting soon. Given the awesome quality of The Banner Saga video game, I will certainly be keeping my eyes out for this project.

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