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This is not a drill, Fallout 4 Confirmed!

This is not a drill, Fallout 4 Confirmed!

Well Fallout fans its finally happened, its finally confirmed, after an agonizing 24hrs of waiting, Fallout 4 is officially confirmed.

With some early leaks slipping out prior to the clock countdown finishing it was already sending fan of the franchise into overdrive and now with the site officially live we can see quite a few of the icons from the game represented within the launch trailer and through the use a wonderful mechanic of flipping between pre and post war we gain some insight into the story ahead and a glimpse of our new protagonist.

With there still being a few weeks until E3 I have to wonder what else will Bethesda have in store for us then, because if they’re kicking things off well in advance with this trailer, which appears to have blown the mind of any gamer that has ever played a Fallout game, then I cant wait to see what they have in store for us then.

It also appears that only those with PlayStation 4, Xbox One or a PC will be able to enjoy Fallout 4 and those with last gen consoles, will be left to wander the digital wilderness not knowing the sweet embrace of this new game, but thats enough of reading this, if you haven’t see it yet check out the trailer already.

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