Two days left to get on board with latest Resistance game

Two days left to get on board with latest Resistance game

If you haven’t heard of The Resistance yet, and you enjoy spying, lying, and generally backstabbing your friends, then you are certainly missing out. Five to ten players are split at random into 2 teams – the Resistance and the Spies. Without knowing the identity of their fellow players, the Resistance must attempt to complete missions in order to root out the spies and overthrow the malignant government they work for. Highly social with great design, very high production values, and extremely fun to play, Indie Boards & Cards have released several games in the Resistance universe.

The newest instalment in the series, One Night Resistance, seems a promising hybrid between The Resistance and Werewolf. Since launching its Kickstarter around a month ago, the game has received over $110,000 worth of pledges – more than ten times their humble $10,000 asking. One Night Resistance is a standalone that promises to please fans of the original Resistance game, delivering the visuals and social play the series is renowned for. The Kickstarter page provides a link to the full game rules , where the game’s objective is explained:

One Night Resistance is a social deduction game with secret identities. Players are either members of the resistance attempting to overthrow a malignant government, or Spies trying to thwart the Resistance. The game takes place in a single round, the Resistance players must identify a single spy to win; the Spies win if they remain undiscovered.

A fundamental rule of the game is that players may say anything that they want during the game, but may not always want to tell the truth until they know that it would benefit themselves. Discussion, deception, intuition, social interaction and logical deductions are all equally important to winning.

With such strong community support and a reputation for making great games, it’s hard to imagine that One Night Resistance will be anything other than awesome. With the Kickstarter finishing in less than 48 hours, there is still time to be a part of the next chapter of the Resistance.

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