WA Screen Awards Best Game Nominees Announced

WA Screen Awards Best Game Nominees Announced

WA Screen Awards Best Game Nominees Announced

The 27th Annual WA Screen Award Nominees were recently announced and whilst predominantly focused on the West Australian film industry, they also included an award specifically for games and this year the nominees for the Best Game award were:

Catnips by SK Games

Yep, the two player cat milking simulator has been nominated for an award. The game is about love, survival, and most of all, cat milk, has been one of the most talked about social games at indie game festivals. Through the use of a XBox controller disguised as a cat laying on her back, players have to tweak the cats nipples to feed the kittens on screen.

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Drumbeat Games by Holyoake

Drumbeat Games and by extension, Drumbeat Quest, is a game which is designed for use by counsellors with youth aged between eight and seventeen to help them with social and emotional skills. Drumbeat Quest helps young people deal with social issues like bullying, peer pressure, mental health and other issues that teens and children face. It can be used as a one on one tool or in a group to help work as a way of opening up discussions about trust, tolerance, emotions, identity and other social issues.

Square Heroes by Gnomic Studios

Square Heroes is an arena shooter which supports up to six players and was featured as part of Steam Greenlight. In this game you can battle your friends either online and locally (or both) in shooter death matches.

All three are locally produced games, and as their descriptions show, are all completely different. It’s great to see such a great variation of games being produced locally, and with the likes of Catnips and Drumbeat Games, help push what the idea of social games can be as well as what games can do to help people. We look forward to seeing who takes away the award this year.

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