El Luchador Fantastico Grande


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Win a copy of El Luchador Fantastico Grande

Win a copy of El Luchador Fantastico Grande

Inspired by Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling, El Luchador Fantastico Grande challenges you to become either a hero in the ring, or a villain that teams up with other players and then chair shots them to the face! El Luchador Fantastico Grande is a standalone card and dice tabletop game that challenges players to become Mexican wrestling super-stars. Players compete to see who can outlast and knock out all opponents, or team together in an exciting 2v2 tag-team mode.

Well we’ve got a free copy to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do is answer the following question:

What would you name your ultimate wrestler and what would be their signature move?

Feel free to add as much detail as you like. Answer in text, picture, video or interpretive dance… the method is up to you! Word of warning… Dave’s partial to stupid or humorous responses so try not to answer too seriously 😉


Entries close Friday 4th of September, 2015 at 6:00pm AEST (GMT+10).
One entry per person.
The winner will be selected by Dave then notified by email.
Once the prize has been accepted, the winning answer will be posted in the comments below and on our forums.
Prize is a physical copy  of the game delivered to your door.


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  • Dave C Haldane

    Dammit this is a tough one to call. I’ve narrowed it down to two:

    1. I would be “el poderoso utensilio de cocina” (The mighty kitchen utensil) or Utensilio for short.

    My signature move, la cuchara de postre (the dessert
    spoon) would involve wrapping my arms around my opponent from behind and
    flinging them to the floor, wrapping my legs around theirs, forcing them into a
    “spoon” position, then whisper sweet nothings in their ear till they

    2. Wrestler Name: Thunderguts the Odorous

    Signature Move: The Mean Bean Dutch Express – involves
    the use of several props, including but not limited to: 6ft of rubber hose, a
    fire extinguisher, 2kgs of freshly churned butter, 5 Burritos, a duck, and your

    It never ends well.

    • Dave C Haldane

      There’s something about forceful spooning and whispering sweet nothings until submission that’s just glorious.

      Congrats to Adam for the winning entry! 🙂

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